【public_First month fee】
public_Activation fee
3300jpy(flow_After tax)
public_SIM card issuance fee
3300jpy(flow_After tax)
*public_The above handling fee is only required for the initial contract
*public_If the SIM card is damaged or lost and needs to be reissued, additional handling fees will be incurred
【public_SIM card reissue fee】
public_SIM card failure in the initial stage
public_Damaged or lost SIM card during shipping
public_How to apply:
public_Contact the person in charge or the SuperSIM application consultation office directly
public_SuperSIM Application Consultation Office
public_operating hours:11:00~20:00
public_Damaged or lost SIM (guest fault)
3300jpy(flow_After tax)
public_PUK code entered incorrectly 10 times and it was locked
3300jpy(flow_After tax)
public_How to apply:public_please atpublic_Homepage public_Apply on。
【public_Fees when transferring from SuperSIM or canceling the contract】
public_Handling fee at the time of termination
public_Termination fee
public_Handling fee when transferring out
public_Termination fee
public_MNP transfer fee
* To issue MNP reservation number, you need to pay MNP transfer fee in advance
* If only the reservation number is issued but not transferred out, no handling fee will be charged. The MNP transfer fee that has been paid will be returned to the account balance.

Mobile code scanning

For a better experience, please use your phone to scan the QR code or visit the link below

https://www.supersim.jp/h5 copy