public_SuperSIM supports RMB and Japanese Yen payment, and supports multiple payment methods
①public_WeChat/Alipay payment
public_Select the amount you want to recharge on the recharge page of the SuperSIM personal homepage
public_The system generates a payment QR code for WeChat/Alipay
public_Open WeChat/Alipay scan code to pay
public_Back to the SuperSIM top-up page, it shows that the top-up is successful
②public_China/Japan Credit Card
public_Support VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, DinersClub credit cards
*public_Debit cards with VISA/Master/JCB can also be used
*public_Chinese credit card needs to open international payment business
③public_Offline payments
public_You can pay in cash at physical stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto
public_Shop list
*public_Please bring a document that can confirm your identity when you come to the store
*public_Only JPY cash is supported
public_Bank transfer
public_Select bank transfer on the top-up page of the SuperSIM personal homepage
public_Remit the amount you want to top up to the designated bank account
*public_The remitter’s name needs to indicate the capitalized pinyin of the contractor’s name, otherwise the remittance may not be confirmed
public_Remittance confirmation needs to wait 1 to 3 working days
public_You can confirm whether the recharge is successful in the account balance of the personal homepage

Mobile code scanning

For a better experience, please use your phone to scan the QR code or visit the link below copy