APN (Mobile Network) Setting Method
setmeal flow5GB/15GB/25GB/50GB
public_IOS Apple system public_Android Android system
* When you need to make a call, it is more convenient to set the additional dial number in advance.
* If you cannot connect to the network after the APN setting is complete, please wait 5-10 minutes or try to restart the phone.
①public_IOS Apple system
(setmeal flow5GB/15GB/25GB/50GB)
Step 1
public_Connect WI-FI after inserting the card
Step 2
public_Download description file
Step 3
After clicking the link in STEP2 or scanning the QR code, a prompt in the lower left will pop up, click "Allow". After the download is complete, the bottom right prompt will pop up, click "Close"
Step 4
Open "Settings" - "General"
Step 5
Click "VPN and Device Management"
Step 6
Selection mvno.net, entry security
Step 7
Click "Install" in the upper right corner to complete the APN setting
②public_Android Android system(setmeal flow5GB/15GB/25GB/50GB)
Step 1
public_Open Settings
Step 2
public_Select Connect to Network
Step 3
public_Open Mobile Network
Step 4
public_Open the access point name (APN)
Step 5
public_New APN
public_Enter according to the above picture
public_name : SUPERSIM
APN : mvno.net
public_username : supersim.jp
public_password : supersim

Mobile code scanning

For a better experience, please use your phone to scan the QR code or visit the link below

https://www.supersim.jp/h5 copy