public_Data plan fee

(flow_After tax2178jpy)/月


(flow_After tax2728jpy)/月


(flow_After tax3828jpy)/月


(flow_After tax5478jpy)/月


【public_Package related】

*public_The above package prices are all after-tax prices
*public_The monthly traffic is high-speed traffic. If the monthly usage exceeds the package traffic, it will be converted to unlimited low-speed traffic
*public_The monthly package fee is the data usage fee and does not include other charges such as calls. The call fee is 20
*public_The remaining flow of the current month can be accumulated to the next month, up to two months
*public_The charge for SMS is one call per 70 texts, 3 yen per call within Japan (3 yen after tax), and 100 yen per call for
*public_This package does not currently support international calls and international roaming. If you want to make international calls

【setmeal_Package change】

*public_The default package of the first month is 50GB, and you can apply for package changes on the
*public_Whenever you apply for a package change, it will take effect on the 1st of the following month. Changes made after
*public_After applying for a package change, the bill amount for the current month will be changed according to the package scheduled for the next month
*For the mutual change of 50GB package and other packages, the SIM card shall be reissued and 3300 yen (after tax) service charge shall be paid.

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